IT Staffing and Hiring – Top Skills in Demand

When looking at IT Staffing, which technology skills are you currently noticing in demand in today’s job market?

Having staffed and recruited for a number of IT positions, I am noticing some particular skill sets in IT staffing that always appear to be popular. Here is a list of some of the top skills I am noticing right now and that always appear to be imperative for most IT hiring managers:

Software developers – this is usually at the top of the list for companies in regards to their IT staffing needs.  This can include all types of developers, both front end and back end, based developers.  This includes Java Developers, .Net Developers (C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net), Web Developers including JavaScript, etc…

Database developers and DBAs – database development and administration is vital to an organization.  These types of positions can commonly include SQL Server Developers, SQL Server DBAs, Oracle Developers, Oracle DBAs, as well as Sybase and DB2 Developers and DBAs.

Administrators and Engineers – companies need these types of IT professionals as part of their IT staffing process.  This can include System Administrators, System Engineers, Network Administrators, Network Engineers, and all kinds of IT administration.  In addition to this, companies need Desktop Support professionals and Desktop Engineers.  Technical Support and Help Desk Analysts also provide additional help and support.

Project Managers and Business Analysts – Project Managers manage the overall project and their responsibilities can vary greatly.  A project manager can be more on the infrastructure side working with data centers and networks or more on the applications side working with software and web applications.  Some Projects Managers have experience with both infrastructure and applications.  Business Analysts are responsible for gathering functional and technical requirements, writing BRDs and FRDs, interacting with project stakeholders, along with a number of other things.Business Analysis deliverables include Business requirements, functional requirements, business cases, processes and data models.  Both Project Managers and Business Analysts can be found working in all industry domains including healthcare, finance, insurance, telecom, and software.

Testers – QA Testers and ETL Testers are another important aspect.  This includes both manual and automated Quality Assurance Testers.  Test tools and programs are commonly used to assist in the software testing process.  Quality Center, QTP, and Selenium are common tools that testers like to utilize.

CTOs and CIOs – at the top of the organization, these professionals set the vision for the overall company. A CTO or Chief Technology Officer can oversee all technology and policies, monitor technology and trends, and focus on all scientific and technology related issues within the organization. A CTO can report into the CIO, Chief Information Officer.  The CIO can be responsible for IT policy and strategy and formulating the strategic goals for the organization.  Strong business skills and executive leadership experience are required.

As an IT Staffing Company , we work with all of these types of skill sets to ensure we provide you with the best match for your company.  Whether you need just one developer, or multiple IT professionals, we come up with the right solution for all of your IT staffing needs.  This includes contract, contract to hire, and full time permanent positions.

In addition to these IT skills, there are a number of other skills that companies are hiring to fulfill their technology staffing requirements.  IT Staffing is an important part of a company’s success ensuring that they hire the right people for their organization.  It is crucial that they invest in finding and identifying the right professionals.

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