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IT Staffing Agencies – Selecting The Right Option

IT Staffing Agencies are responsible for identifying, sourcing, and recruiting top IT talent for technology related positions.  IT Staffing Agencies come in all shapes and sizes.  In this article, we will take a look at the hiring options that most common IT Staffing Agencies utilizeand why it is important to work with the right IT Staffing Agency.

What hiring options are out there for companies looking to expand on their technology staff and hire new professionals?  The 3 most common options are contract, contract to hire, and full time permanent (also known as direct hire).

Contract staffing is used when a company has a temporary need for an IT professional .  They may have a vacancy for a short term project that needs to be completed without the need for the IT professional to later be hired on full time.  A contract position can be a set duration such as a 3 month or 6-month project or it can be an open ended contract or consulting assignment.  It depends on how long the company estimates it will take for them to complete the work and the project that they currently have available.  An IT Consultant is normally hired in a case like this.  IT Consultants are accustomed to working on a variety of projects and are always working on new things and technologies with each project that they work on.

Contract to hire is another hiring option that companies use when bringing someone on board.  With this option, a consultant can be hired for a set project duration.  At the completion of the project duration, the employer has the option to hire this individual as part of their full time staff.  IT Staffing Agencies will provide a candidate in this case who is open to a contract to hire position. 

Companies select this option to evaluate the candidate’s work and performance prior to hiring them on.  Sometimes, the company may not have the ability to hire on a full time employee and will start the candidate out as a contractor or consultant until they have permission and authority to hire on a full time employee.

Full time permanent staffing or direct hiring staffing is the next option.  This is when an employer hires a candidate directly as their full time employee.  No temporary or consulting work is involved.  The company offers them a full time compensation package, which normally includes a base salary and possibly a bonus potential.

When working with IT Staffing Agencies , it is important to work with the right one for your company.  Ensure that your organization’s goals match with that of the staffing agency.  Ensure that they can provide you with the right resources that your company requires.  This is important otherwise you will hire the wrong person for your company, which can lead to additional costs and headaches in the long run.

When working with Techsourcers IT Staffing Agency, we get to know our clients to ensure we are providing them with the right IT professionals for their organization.  Our goal is to build a long term relationship so our clients will choose us when they have critical openings that they need staffed immediately.  Reach out to us for more information.

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