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An IT Staffing Company That Will Work for You

An IT Staffing Company can be an important part of your hiring process.  Many organizations today are outsourcing their hiring needs by utilizing an IT Staffing Company to assist them with the hiring process.  Human Resources at a company normally has many responsibilities and many HR professionals and company executives are finding it easier and more efficient to simply hire an IT Staffing Company to manage their hiring needs.  What are some positions that IT staffing companies are working on?

IT positions can really vary depending on the needs of the organization.  Here are Techsourcers, we source and recruit for a wide variety of roles.  This can be everything from Software Developers to Business Analysts to System and Network Administrators.  An organization’s IT setup and IT infrastructure can be very complex and require a number of different IT talented professionals to assist them with their business goals and objectives.

When deciding on which IT Staffing Company to work with, you need to determine what will work for you.  What types of positions do you need staffed, do you need contract or contract to hire or full time permanent positions to be filled?  Are you looking for help with staffing just one or two openings or are you looking to staff all of your openings through this IT Staffing Company?

How does an IT Staffing Company normally work?  A company engages an IT Staffing Company also known as an IT Staffing Agency or IT Staffing Firm on a search for a job requirement that they have available.  If this is a full time position, IT Search Firm is also used.  The company and IT Staffing Company agree on a set fee or rate for the position.  The two then sign and authorize an agreement and the position is then worked on and staffed with the appropriate resources until it has been filled. 

Top candidates are submitted to the company now known as the client and the client begins setting up and scheduling interviews.  Once interviews are completed, the client company then decides who they wish to hire.  If this is for a full time permanent position or direct hire role, the staffing company is paid an agreed upon fee, normally a percentage of the total first year’s compensation.
If this is for a contract role, an hourly bill rate is paid by the client company to the IT Staffing company for the candidate that has been provided.  The IT Staffing company then pays this candidate as part of their company payroll and bills the client company the hourly billing rate.

Most IT Staffing companies have these options available.  Here at Techsourcers, we work with clients to determine what is best for their organization.  We then conduct a thorough search process to identify the best candidates for the positions being worked on.  These candidates are submitted to the client company for review and interviews are then scheduled.  Once the right candidate or candidates have been identified, we work with the candidate to ensure they are on board and interested. 

When both the candidate and client company are interested, we have identified a match and a hire is made. Hiring great professionals is what we do here at Techsourcers.  If you would like to find out more, please contact us for more information.

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